Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cargo Casual

Top : Hollister cargo jacket, Forever 21 t-shirt ; Bottom : American Apparel leggings ; Shoes : Steve Madden wedge booties ; Accessories : West 49 beanie
Lips : Sephora No.14 711D ; Nails : Vintage Floral

I dub thee, casual Wednesday! Wednesdays are my longest school days. I make sure I'm wearing something that I would be comfortable in for a full 12 hour day. Nothing can beat a loose plain white tee and leggings (except for pajamas..)! For the extra warmth in the early morning and evening, I put on this cargo jacket and rolled up the sleeves just to make the outfit look more put-together. Of course, I had to dress up the outfit somehow which I did through the shoes with these wedge booties. I really like how these booties look with this outfit because they have a slight combat boot feel to them. AND LASTLY, put on the beanie to match the booties! I hope I'm making sense.. too tired. That's it for now,


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