Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shorts One Last Time


Top : RW&Co. jacket, H&M shirt ; Bottom : H&M shorts ; Shoes : Nine West peep toe heels ; Accessories : Zara Mesh Hairband, Topshop ring ; Nails : Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

You're probably thinking how I can still wear shorts in this chilling weather.  Well it got a bit warmer in the afternoon and I thought to myself MUST WEAR SHORTS ONE LAST TIME O_O. I bought these shorts years ago because I loved the material and the buttons.  The wooly material on these shorts are perfect for this kind of weather! If you read the description of the accessories I wore, you'll notice that my necklace is actually a hairband.  The mesh metal allows the hairband to rest pretty much anywhere you want and it really adds to a simple outfit. I bought the Deborah Lippmann nail polish during the summer because it was just so beautiful in the bottle and on the nail swatch.  This is the first time I'm trying it and I layered it over a black nail polish.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to; not too bright and sparkly and still dark enough to compliment my outfits.  I usually change nail polishes every few days because I get bored of it but I have been wearing this for almost a week a now and I still LOVE IT.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Cape-able Woman

Top : Soia & Kyo cape jacket, Gap sweater ; Bottom : Kenneth Cole jeggings ; Shoes : Forever 21 oxford wedges ; Accessories : Juicy Couture chain bracelet
Lips : MAC Myth, Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait ; Nails : Sephora by OPI It's Somewhere In My Purse

Capes were last year's fall trend but that doesn't mean you can't break it out every fall. I think capes are really cute for fall but there is a very small time slot to wear them because the weather here drops FAST. When you think you are finally getting used to fall... winter will come and snow on your parade. For those of you who don't trust Forever 21 shoes, they are really a hit or miss. You really have to try them on and evaluate every nitty gritty detail. Flats are pretty straight forward. Make sure your toes feel good and the back of the heel doesn't rub the wrong way against your foot. For heels, make sure your toes are comfortable because your feet are at an angle so they will slide forward and possibly scrunch your toes up. If you have arched feet, check to see if there is anything supporting the arch and make sure it's at the right spot of your foot. If it's not then the balls of your feet will be in pain after a couple hours. Of course you always want to check the heel. Blisters on the heel are painful! Padded insoles are your best friends. If the shoes do not have them, you can always buy them and put them in yourself but who wants to do that for Forever 21 shoes (Keep in mind that if you put insoles in yourself it will make the shoes tighter as well). Remember to really evaluate them! I bought a pair of flat boots last year that I wore to death. It barely lasted me the whole winter and the sole came off on one boot! but I do have to admit that these wedges are not too bad. I've lasted about 8 hours walking in these before my feet started to throb. That's more than I can say for a lot of my other shoes! Anyways, enough blabbering for one day. Bye for now!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Spotted

Top : Winners (Walter Baker) shirt, Winners (Paris Hilton) trench coat ; Bottom : H&M pants ; Shoes : Topshop wedges
Lips : Sephora No.14 711D ; Nails : Sephora by OPI It's Somewhere In My Purse

Spotted: Asian girl in the middle of the street, revealing a new hairstyle. (That was my poorly attempted gossip girl impression, note to self: Stop being so lame)
I was feeling a little adventurous over the weekend and decided to get some straight bangs. This is the first time I've ever had straight bangs and I'm not sure how I feel about them just yet. As it is my first time, I probably should've went out and got them cut but, that adventurous factor kicks in once again and I went and attempted it! I think I did quite well cutting the hair.. but I'm still not sure if I like them on my face. Plus, they are a pain to groom, they poke my eyes and I'm too much of a coward to cut them any shorter. I will give it some time. PANTS! Printed pants excite me. I drool every time I walk past a store displaying printed pants. These printed pants came in multiple prints and colours for only  $14.95. I want to go crazy and buy them all. This print is very easy to style because of its neutral colours so it can be paired nicely with any coloured top!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Black & Slate

Top : Forever21 faux leather bustier & coated collar blazer ; Bottom : American Apparel disco pants ; Shoes : Topshop wedges ; Accessories : House of Harlow leather station necklace
Lips : MAC Myth, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Peach Petal ; Nails : Julep Heather

Oh yes, you probably already guessed it! An iPhone inspired look (WTF?). The new black iPhone 5 looks so sleek with the glossy and slate black. In the honor of the iPhone coming out today, I put together this black on black outfit making sure I pull out pieces with different textures to give the look more dimension. The last thing I want to do is actually look like an iPhone. I love this blazer! I have been looking for a blazer with a faux leather lapel for the longest time and of course, Forever 21 would never let me down. I am always looking for specific pieces whether it be faux leather shorts or paisley print tops, and eventually Forever 21 will have it, which is great because I get what I want and at a reasonable price! It's true what they say... 'Good things come to those who wait'


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coffee Break Anyone?

Top : Banana Republic blouse, Wilfred tank ; Bottom : H&M cropped trousers ; Shoes : Nine West peep toe heels ; Accessories : Jacob chain bracelet ; Nails : Pale Nails

Sometimes I like to wear my blouses unbuttoned rather than buttoned up and tucked in. I feel more relaxed and free. The pattern on this shirt really reminds me of coffee beans so I thought I would pair it with warmer colours. If you've seen my previous posts, you'll know that I don't wear much jewelry.  But if you're going out after work feel free to add as much jewelry as you like. Accessorizing can really add character to your outfit! :)


Bat Woman

Top : BCBG Max Azria sweater dress ; Bottom : Sirens pants ; Shoes : Kenneth Cole loafers ; Accessories : Vintage necklace, Calvin Klein scarf
Lips : Wet n' Wild 522A

I decided to channel my inner bat today with this oh so big, sweater dress. It's a cold cold day but I was not ready to break out my jackets yet. I still want to squeeze out every bit of summer I can. This sweater dress is so comfortable. It made me want to fall asleep in every class.. which is not good. And there's that scarf again! I wore the head wrap today because I knew it was going to be cold out. I haven't had a chance to look for a turband yet, so this will have to do for now. I like keeping my ears warm, I feel very uncomfortable when they are cold, it's weird. I even sleep with a blanket over my ear or fluffed up on both sides to cover both. This outfit is great for coloured or printed bottoms! What's great about this sweater is that it keeps you warm but has a lot of room and holes for air circulation so you wont die of heat indoors. Hope you all are having a great hump day!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Casual Textures


Top : Forever 21 chambray shirt ; Bottom : Aritizia Talula front pocket skirt ; Shoes : H&M ankle boots ; Accessories : Forever 21 curved necklace ; Nails : Pale Nails

I bleached my hair over the weekend and I am soooo happy with how it turned out. The only problem is, my hair is a lot more damaged now and it shows! Today I'm putting different textures together to make an outfit that would compliment as well as draw attention away from my coarse hair. I've paired textures from my chambray shirt, the silkiness of the skirt, and the leather boots. I love this skirt because of the pattern, the shape, and the POCKETS! I can pair this to make it look casual or dress it up for a night out.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flower Girl

Top : Juicy Couture dress ; Shoes : ShoeMint Molly heels ; Accessories : DIY floral headband
Lips : Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Soft Nude, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Peach Petal ; Nails : Vintage Floral

I've always wanted to be a flower girl when I was little. Just being a tiny little bride-like girl bouncing down the aisle would have been such an awesome memory and experience. This look is inspired by those adorable little snowballs and to say farewell to summer since today is the last sunday of the summer!

Floral headband inspired by this DIY!

Enjoy and farewell for now,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cargo Casual

Top : Hollister cargo jacket, Forever 21 t-shirt ; Bottom : American Apparel leggings ; Shoes : Steve Madden wedge booties ; Accessories : West 49 beanie
Lips : Sephora No.14 711D ; Nails : Vintage Floral

I dub thee, casual Wednesday! Wednesdays are my longest school days. I make sure I'm wearing something that I would be comfortable in for a full 12 hour day. Nothing can beat a loose plain white tee and leggings (except for pajamas..)! For the extra warmth in the early morning and evening, I put on this cargo jacket and rolled up the sleeves just to make the outfit look more put-together. Of course, I had to dress up the outfit somehow which I did through the shoes with these wedge booties. I really like how these booties look with this outfit because they have a slight combat boot feel to them. AND LASTLY, put on the beanie to match the booties! I hope I'm making sense.. too tired. That's it for now,


Swan Beaks, City Chic Nails


Jacob cashemere cardi & L.A Girl matte black


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Top : Gap cardigan, Forever 21 geo print dress ; Bottom : Forever 21 high-waisted shorts ; Shoes : Kenneth Cole loafers ; Accessories : Winners belt, Juicy Couture chain bracelet, DIY studded friendship bracelet & wrap bracelet
Lips : Sephora No.14 711D ; Nails : Vintage Floral

I was having trouble finding something to wear today but I knew that I wanted to wear something colourful. I dug up this old geo print dress and thought it was perfect. The dress itself wasn't enough colour for me so I tucked it into these cobalt high-waisted shorts. There was some excess fabric inbetween the waist band of the dress and the top of the shorts which I hid with a thick belt. I wanted to  keep things casual since I was going to school so I dressed it down with a plain black cardigan. And I stacked some bracelets together to tie everything together.


Woolly Reptile

Top : H&M open cardigan, Boutique in Hong Kong ; Bottom : Zara printed trousers ; Shoes : Zara leather sandals ; Accessories : Forever 21 curved necklace, Aldo owl ring, Everything frinury ring, American Apparel basic leather belt, Michael Kors bag ; Nails : Jacob cashmere cardi

This is by far one of my most favourite trousers from Zara. I bought these mid-summer and have been wearing them constantly only to realize I've been wearing it with the same white t-shirt.  I thought I should change it up today by adding different pieces to the outfit. If you're having trouble pairing clothes with a busy pattern, I'd suggest picking pieces that have similar colours from the print. The texture from the cardigan really makes the outfit more interesting. A great outfit for shopping or lunch! :))


Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Floral

China Glaze Liquid Leather, Reeves acrylic paint

This nail design was inspired by Robin Moses.
Her tutorial can be found here.
Check her out, she's has AMAZING tutorials. She has taught me everything I know about painting nails with acrylic paint just from watching her youtube videos. She gives great tips and very detailed tutorials. She uses words like 'blobs' which makes me think I'm doing it right because everything I paint looks like blobs! And VOILA! The blobs look quite decent if I can say so myself.

Until next time (my nails chip),

Modern Day Hippie

Top : Sirens shirt, Forever 21 tank top ; Bottom : American Apparel disco pants ; Shoes : Forever 21 flats ; Accessories : Vintage necklace, Calvin Klein scarf, ASOS sunglasses
Lips : Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti ; Nails : Ombre Polka Dots

Hats are one of my favourite accessories. Unfortunately, my head is quite large and not many hats fit me. Those 'one size' hats irritate the heck out of me because they NEVER fit. Wearing a head wrap is a nice alternative. Accessories can always dress up an outfit. Feeling a little bland today, I decided to create a head wrap with one of my scarves to dress up my outfit and I was having a bad hair day so the head wrap helps a lot. To tie the head wrap, take a rectangular or squared scarf fold it length-wise to create a thinner scarf (could take a couple folds). Place the middle of the scarf at the back of your head and bring the ends to the front and twist it (right side over left then back to the right). Take the ends of the scarf and bring them to the back again and tie a basic knot once (or twice if you want it to be more secure but, it will be bulkier) and tuck in the ends of the scarf. And voila! Try it out, they are a great fall accessory!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to Toronto!


Top : Zara knit shirt : Bottom : H&M jeans ; Shoes : BDG flats ; Accessories : Zara multiskull and stud scarf, H&M belt, Longchamp tote bag, Michael Kors sunglasses
Lips : Annabelle Twistup Lipstick Crayon Kiss ; Nails : Hot Boss Half-Moon Nails

 Aaaandd it's that belt again! I love the pop of red in this outfit especially in this gloomy weather.  Look at the clouds! It was a little chilly coming back to Toronto in the morning so this outfit really helped with the change in weather.


A Hint of Blush

Top : Forever 21 blazer, Sirens shirt ; Bottom : Forever 21 printed pants ; Shoes : Coach sandals ; Accessories : Forever 21 spike necklace, Topshop multi-chain necklace, Michael Kors watch
Lips : Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Soft Nude, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Peach Petal ; Nails : Ombre Polka Dots

I feel fall coming head-on at full speed. The weather does not gradually get colder here, but jumps right in with both feet. It was still going to be warm in the afternoon so I wanted to keep it light but always have something to fall back on if it does get too cool. I paired this blazer with my outfit to add a hint of colour but still keeping my pants as the main focus of the outfit. As you can probably tell now, I love prints. Printed pants have been my favourite for summer now heading to fall. I think prints are a great way to dress up an outfit. You can always dress up a solid coloured outfit with printed shoes or a printed scarf!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shoes On Wheels!

Wheelies (or heelies?) were so popular back when I was in middle school. Big chunky running shoes with hidden wheels at the sole. I was always interested in them because they looked so fun having instant rollerblades (kind of) whenever you felt like rollin' around. However, I always wished they looked more stylish. I was browsing around a shoe store today and came across a pair that Jeffrey Campbell came out with. Sandals with retractable wheels! 

There is a screw on the side of the shoe that you can see in the first picture that you pull out to release or retract the wheels. I was pretty excited when I saw these and tried them on. I'm pretty sure I was the first person to ever try them on in the store because I caught the attention of every worker there. With the wheels retracted, the shoe is very heavy. Every time I took a step, it felt like the wheel was going to come out. And with the wheels popped out... let's just say for $160 dollars, you can guarantee a broken bone at the end of the day. Although it's a fun concept, the shoes are a total safety hazard. You can slip backwards and forwards very easily, breaking your nose or hipbone in a second. If the shoe itself was lighter, it might have helped with the difficulty level in rolling around. But overall, interesting experience and kudos to whoever is brave enough to try these badboys on!