Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Cape-able Woman

Top : Soia & Kyo cape jacket, Gap sweater ; Bottom : Kenneth Cole jeggings ; Shoes : Forever 21 oxford wedges ; Accessories : Juicy Couture chain bracelet
Lips : MAC Myth, Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait ; Nails : Sephora by OPI It's Somewhere In My Purse

Capes were last year's fall trend but that doesn't mean you can't break it out every fall. I think capes are really cute for fall but there is a very small time slot to wear them because the weather here drops FAST. When you think you are finally getting used to fall... winter will come and snow on your parade. For those of you who don't trust Forever 21 shoes, they are really a hit or miss. You really have to try them on and evaluate every nitty gritty detail. Flats are pretty straight forward. Make sure your toes feel good and the back of the heel doesn't rub the wrong way against your foot. For heels, make sure your toes are comfortable because your feet are at an angle so they will slide forward and possibly scrunch your toes up. If you have arched feet, check to see if there is anything supporting the arch and make sure it's at the right spot of your foot. If it's not then the balls of your feet will be in pain after a couple hours. Of course you always want to check the heel. Blisters on the heel are painful! Padded insoles are your best friends. If the shoes do not have them, you can always buy them and put them in yourself but who wants to do that for Forever 21 shoes (Keep in mind that if you put insoles in yourself it will make the shoes tighter as well). Remember to really evaluate them! I bought a pair of flat boots last year that I wore to death. It barely lasted me the whole winter and the sole came off on one boot! but I do have to admit that these wedges are not too bad. I've lasted about 8 hours walking in these before my feet started to throb. That's more than I can say for a lot of my other shoes! Anyways, enough blabbering for one day. Bye for now!


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