Sunday, February 10, 2013

Change Room Diaries: Two Tone Jumper

Top : (inside) denim shirtknitted two tone jumper ; Bottom : skinny jeans ; Shoes : gold trim slippers

Knitted stuff!! I went to Topshop today and found a bunch of things I like. I chose this particular outfit because I thought it would be the most wearable. My two favourite items from this outfit are the jumper and the slippers. I've been looking for a black and white jumper like this one for quite awhile. I love the pattern and how warm it is! The shoes are great because of course, there is a little bit of gold in it :). Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Monday, February 4, 2013


Top : Zara knit sweater ; Bottom : H&M jeans ; Shoes : warehouse stilettos ; Accessories : Zara belt, Jacob bracelet

I found this sweater tucked between a pile of other sweaters in the store during their sale. The sweater's a little big on me but I still bought it as it was only $15. Yay! I paired it with the leopard printed belt and a simple bracelet. The red really pops, but it kinda makes me look like Christmas! I could probably wear this in spring with jeans or shorts because the material's very light and very loose fitting. I think this outfit would be great for classy dinner. :p