Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Simply Chevron

Top : Winners shirt ; Bottom : Kenneth Cole jeggings ; Shoes : Kenneth Cole loafers ; AccessoriesClearly Contacts glasses, Mom's hand-me-down bag
Nails : Frosty Winter

I wish my first day of school was as simple as my outfit. My chevron shirt reflects perfectly on my day since there were many ups and downs. Shortly after taking these pictures, it started to rain. HARD. Not a great start to my day, but manageable. I wasn't going to let some water bring me down. Little did I know... the rain was the least of my problems. Subway backup and closed stations, shuttlebuses and traffic. That was just the icing to my disaster of a cake! Good thing I had Tiny Tower to occupy myself with [I now understand why it is so addicting]. I have always related the first day of school with fall for some reason. It feels like every year, with no exception to this one, it gets 10 degrees colder on the first day of school. I was not prepared to be hit with this weather. I will definitely bring a jacket tomorrow! 

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