Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Revlon Charming & Avon Iridescent nail glitter

I got this amazing super reflective glitter and wanted to use it instantly and this is what I did with it!
I won't be making a picture tutorial of it yet because I am super busy with school but here are the steps!

Things you will need:
Base coat (optional)
Base colour of your choice
Glitter of your choice (the more reflective the better)
A piece of paper creased in the middle
A brush (I used a blush brush that I'm not fond of)
Top coat (optional, I did not use one to keep the rough texture)

1. Use a base coat if you wish.
2. Paint one nail any colour you wish. I used a lavender.
3. While the nail is still wet, dip your nail directly into the tub of glitter. 
4. Take your finger out of the glitter and with the nail above the glitter facing the tub, tap the underside of your finger with your other hand to remove the excess glitter.
5. This won't get rid of all the glitter so after you got rid of most of it, tap your finger nail on the piece of paper to get rid of more glitter.
6. Continue to do this with the rest of your hand. Before starting on the other hand, take the brush and lightly sweep the nails to get rid of the glitter around your nail, under your nail and on top of your nail.
7. You may use a top coat if you wish
8. There will be a lot of glitter fall out so once your nails are completely dry, sweep them again with the brush and make sure you tap the glitter out of the brush between each nail or the glitter will get everywhere

And that is it! It seems like a lot of steps but it was very easy and took me 2 minutes to do. You don't need to paint your nails perfectly because the glitter will cover most of it.

Here's a video of how reflective this glitter is!



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