Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Change Room Diaries: Abstract Peplum Top

Change Room Diaries is a series we are starting where we put together outfits and show you how we style different pieces at our favourite stores. I always think about how many different ways I can wear a particular piece of clothing before I purchase it. We'll be showing you how we style a certain piece in different ways or we will just be putting a full outfit together. Hope you enjoy!

Abstract Peplum Top $49.95
This shirt is the most comfortable shirt I've ever put on. The material feels like spandex or a really soft bathing suit. It's magical and it fits wonderfully!

Velvet Pants
I've been looking for affordable velvet pants for a while! These go along great with this shirt if you want to go for more of a casual look but still keep it classy. Mixing textures is a great way to spice up your outfit.

Pink Trousers
Matching your bottoms with a colour in your shirt is an easy way to create a very put-together outfit. Trousers are great for when you want to wear something more roomy when your top is form-fitting. Trousers can also make an outfit look more sophisticated.

 Burgundy Shorts
This would be a cute look for a night out in the summer. Shorts or pencil skirts look great with peplum and it's a matter of experimenting to see if different colours work with the top or not. The burgundy, to me, works because the top is dark and the colours on the top are mostly on the red side of the colour wheel. Blue shorts would work as colour blocking to the orange on the top.

Velvet pants $59.95 ; Pink Trousers $69.95 ; Burgundy Shorts $34.95

Hope you guys enjoy the Change Room Diaries! We might not blog all Change Room Diaries, so follow us on Instagram if you want to see more! @neonvoltage
Have a great week!


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